As an IT specialist for process automation, we act on the technological pulse of the time. Through our cooperation with leading technology providers for system integration, Process Mining and BPM,  our ideal partners help to sucessfully implement the full range of requirements  across various industries. 

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Camunda is a market leader in the field of workflow and decision automation. As a German software vendor headquartered in Berlin, Camunda is successfully used in a wide variety of industries among clients such as DB, Allianz, T-Mobile, Zalando, ING Diba, Raiffeisen Software, O2, Total, Gainsight etc.

More than 250+ companies worldwide use Camunda for automation and digital transformation of their core businesses.

You benefit from:

• The consistent support of the modeling standards BPMN and DMN

• An open architecture that allows for customized solutions to be developed

• Easy-to-use tools for modeling, processing, administering, and optimizing business processes



Celonis is an innovative, award-winning software company and the market leader for process mining. Process mining is a smart big data technology that analyzes and advises you on how to improve your processes, by running algorithms to reconstruct the actual processes in real-time. The user gets an intuitive visualization with a powerful graphical analytics interface through which he can analyze the process. Process Mining by Celonis is successfully used to improve process costs, quality and also compliance.

Celonis, headquartered in Munich, is one of the fastest growing software companies in the world. Among its’ growing customer base Siemens, Voestalpine, Santander, BMW, Novartis, Bosch, ING Diba, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Zalando etc.


To enable companies to operate with unprecedented productivity and efficiency by automating any part of the enterprise that can be automated with the most intelligent and intuitive robotic process automation platform we call “The Intelligent Digital Workforce”.