Today’s success only confirms yesterday’s decisions. Tomorrow’s success arises from today’s improvements.

Constantly improving – that´s business process management.

BPM maps all the various process structures in organizations clearly and transparently, supporting efficient business process monitoring and auditing. It supports the search for optimization potentials, ensures early risk detection and accelerates troubleshooting.

JIT has grown up with Business Process Management. We offer individually customized solutions for the automation, analysis and documentation of even highly complex process structures. Our frameworks, tools and expertise help you to reach business goals quicker and more efficiently, respond to market changes with a head start, and to monitor and reliably control the multitude of variable processes this involves.

Our expertise for your success

Increase customer satisfaction and shorten the implementation cycles of your products and services.

Increase the efficiency of existing applications and processes.

Benefit from more employee satisfaction through streamlined procedures and smoother collaboration.

Create transparency and insight into all business process operations - in real time.

Expertly implemented business process management gives you advantages on every level

Management advantages: clearly structured, controllable process models and increased customer orientation - Business Intelligence meets Process Intelligence!

Organizational advantages: meaningful, transparent responsibilities in an improved organizational and process structure

Technical advantages: all the benefits of state-of-the-art information systems


JIT provides you with an integrated BPM solution that will help you to optimize the full process lifecycle of HR- and system-based processes – in a continuous upward spiral of improvement. Learn how: