What are the advantages of taking an official Developers Training? – The Camunda Case.

27.08.2020. 17:45 Uhr | Autor: JIT Editor

In our branch the ability to bring people to a productive pace is very important and can be a daunting process. The amount of knowledge to be learnt is...

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Zeebe – Meeting the new kid in town

27.08.2020. 17:39 Uhr | Autor: JIT Editor

-Zeebe is workflow engine for microservices orchestration developed by Camunda and made publicly available in late 2019.-Wait… what ? -Let’s define first what a workflow engine is, and what...

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Zeebe – Going into conceptual details

27.08.2020. 17:25 Uhr | Autor: JIT Editor

-I thought Camunda and Zeebe are pretty much the same thing-Well… not quite the same thing, there are some fundamental differences -You are not talking about the logo, are...

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