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„Do one thing and do it well“: Microservices

Is your system landscape agile enough? Can you implement new services quickly and smoothly whenever your business requires it? Are you able to revise and modernize running systems without jeopardizing their smooth operation? If not, isn´t it about time we discuss microservices?

Microservices are compact, autonomous services that collaborate with one another, with the coupling between the services as loose as possible and the cohesion within the individual services designed to be as strong as possible. The entire IT architecture follows the principle of single responsibility: “Do one thing and do it well”. Individual services can be revised quickly and with little risk. New service implementations and modernizations of individual services using specialized technologies take little effort. Scaling performance-critical services individually is unproblematic. Ongoing, rapid, low-risk deployments reduce time-to-market. Services can be linked in a variety of ways to create new functionalities.

Microservices make a lot of sense in many user cases. In yours, too? We gladly support your decision-making.

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