My start in professional life as a developer

“My start in professional life as a developer.”

Hey, my name is Tom and I have a problem…but let’s start at the beginning. It was a rainy november day 20 years ago when I saw the light of day…oh, one moment, too far?

Last summer I decided that it would be time to look for the first full time job in my life. In the final spurt of my study (or in the last holidays of my life *sniff*) I was looking for an adequate job and there a funny announcement catched my attention. From IT heroes and super powers was talked about! My nerd heart began to beat and so I browsed through the official JIT website and searched for other information about my potential boss (many a person would call it stalking).
After powerful consideration I tried my luck and applied for the job. I knew that many employers are anxious for a finished study but my unconventional application didn’t miss the point.

And why should I lead you to believe in? Of course it was a big change from the student dissolute lifestyle to a fulltime job. But the motivation is something completely else. Apart from more money in my pocket the basic attitude is still the same: constant advancement.

At university you learn the work with legacy technologies only conditionally – often you smile about it when a phrase in this direction comes out. Near antique relicts from a time where computers were run by steam also the work mit new technologies doesn’t miss out. The right mix is the key to success.

Whereof I will never get used of, is a certain volatility according to the working packages and prioritisation of tasks. By and by I’m sure this will be easier for me.

What I really love about my job is the mixed crowd of colleagues

What I really love about my job is the motley bunch of colleagues who are more reminiscent of a big family (am I really the black sheep?). Hardly an hour goes by, in which one does not laugh of heart and passes every still gloomy day, if one works together on a goal. No matter how difficult a deadline may be to comply, our (gallows) humor has yet to take us any customer or release date. The most monotonous works (yes, there are also) become bearable when you sit in a room with people you like. (*)

(*) No, I was not forced to write this and oo … not tweak!


PS: Help, I was forced to write that!