Our History


The perfect solution, delivered with perfect timing – that´s Just in Time:
JIT started out in 2005 with a strong focus on system integration and efficient machine/machine and man/machine data exchange.

JIT has grown in lockstep with the ongoing professionalization and standardization of workflow management and business process management.

We use a wide range of state-of-the-art frameworks and tools to provide customers with an automated overview of their process landscape quickly and efficiently, as a sound base for optimizing their processes and workflows.

We are accustomed to carrying out such optimizations in a minimally invasive way. In nine out of ten cases we deal with existing `legacy´ systems trusted with organizing their efficient, transparent re-use, or their gradual replacement over a defined period, always without noticeable impairments of the customer´s day-to-day business routine.

Being exceptionally focused, demand-oriented and able to adapt flexibly to existing framework conditions has made us successful.



The quality of our work is essential for the efficiency, performance, safety and, ultimately, the business success of our customers. This responsibility guides our thinking and actions.

Commitment to Quality

Competitive pressure and time limits may drive our work routines, but it is the efficiency, functionality and operational reliability of our solutions that determine our success. We will never make compromises in this respect.

Forward-Thinking Competence

We think every project through to its end, and this end is always far in the future. It makes us proud to deliver solutions that are not only state-of-the-art today, but also fit for a long, successful operational life.


Our working with machines must not turn us into machines. We cherish our human qualities and treat each other with appreciation and respect.

Customer Focus

Understanding our own business is not enough. We strive to understand the customer's business as well, so we can meet his demands with excellent, convincing solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

Of course we are proud of the elegant solutions, creative innovations and perfect products we create. But we are never satisfied before our customers are.


Schedules that do not require a plan B, cost transparency from the first to the last step of a project and spare capacity for every conceivable emergency guarantee that our customers can safely rely on us.

Team Spirit

We rely on each other and stand up for each other. As service providers who are proud of their excellence in service and performance.