“Passierschein A38 – BPM is already not a gallish village more.”

What Asterix and Obelix, the pass A38 and BPM have in common? Read it yourself:

In the cult animation “Asterix conquers Rome” Asterix and Obelix are faced with the task to obtain the pass A38 from a Roman prefecture (Note: Office). This exam is anything but easy: the two Gauls are constantly passing from department to department, but the required document remains denied them. Only when Asterix uses a cunning and requires the fictitious pass A39, he manages to use the donated confusion in his favor and thus still obtain the required pass A38.

This story shows – albeit exaggeratedly – that as soon as an institution reaches a certain size, process automation is essential to ensure the efficiency of handling various processes. The step towards automation offers the following advantages compared to manual process processing:

  • lower process costs
  • faster process execution
  • less process errors
  • better traceability

However, anyone who believes that the automatic execution of processes only has relevance for large companies with corresponding financial resources is wrong. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can also benefit from process automation without having to incur financial costs. By means of so-called “human tasks” automatic processes can be selectively enriched with manual tasks. Thus, e.g. In the process “Registration of a new employee” the individual steps such as registration with the Social Security, creation of a user account and handover of key and access card manually. However, process automation ensures that none of the above steps are forgotten.

Introducing BPM into the enterprise is easier than ever. Lightweight open source solutions such as Camunda meanwhile enable a very low entry barrier. Setting up a process engine for a pilot project can be done within a very short time without license costs by an experienced Java Developer. Subsequently, in coordination with the department, the decision is made on the processes to be automated. Only after completing a successful pilot phase does the use of paid features gain in importance.

If the prefecture had already referred to BPM in relation to the history of Asterix and Obelix, obtaining the A38 pass would have been easy. Thus, even in ancient times, BPM makes life easier!