Process Mining & Intelligence


JIT Process Mining allows you to achieve 100% transparency of your business processes, based on real-time data from your IT systems such as SAP. Huge amounts of data across heterogeneous systems can be efficiently processed so that you can visualize your end-to-end processes – in real-time!

Process Mining from Celonis is independent of industry and can be used for a large number of business processes.

Identification of process deviations (non-compliance)

Optimization of throughput times in processes

Reduction of manual intervention and increased automation

What we offer:

Project support, support in the identification of use cases, initial process analysis and proof-of-value (POV)

Tailored analysis and implementation of the process mining solution by Celonis

Deepening the adoption and usage through trainings and workshops

Use cases are diverse and can be found in areas such as digitization, process documentation, one ERP harmonization, post-merger integration, operational excellence, internal audit, shared services, S4 Hana migration, robotic process automation (RPA), business process due diligence, etc.