“The krux with the IT effort estimation.”

In the IT sector, CEOs and CTOs often face a major problem even before the start of a project: the effort estimate is unclear. They often know relatively well which software they want, but they do not get exact price calculations from IT companies.

Why are there no reliable offers?

When it comes to cost and effort estimation, it’s important for IT companies to make complex predictions and to consider the time, labor, and money factors. The same applies of course to the clients, ie CEOs and CTOs, whose decision to accept an offer depends considerably on the level of costs and the transparency of the cost list.

The cost structure for any project usually consists of license costs and mostly personnel costs. The realization risk must not be too high and also pre-financing costs and any personnel increase costs must be kept small. The accuracy on the part of IT companies often leaves something to be desired: Either the price can not be narrowed precisely, or a flat rate is specified, but the concrete services that a software package covers are opaque. Sometimes clients choose a compromise solution that is rarely ideal. In addition, complex feasibility studies often consume a lot of time and money even before the project starts. No wonder, if you are overwhelmed as a manager with these complications.

How do I arrive at a clear expense estimate?

Remedies for these problems create transparent fixed costs, which are fixed from day one. J-IT uses the Function Point method developed by Allen J. Albrecht as an estimation method, which assumes functional requirements and can therefore be used independently of the programming language. With this procedure, we can specify almost exactly how much a project costs and which individual services are included right from the start. In order to offer companies a transparent price calculation, we have set up our fixed price calculator on our webpage. It enables interested parties to get a crystal-clear offer within minutes, which is no longer shaken afterwards. Although this billing model carries risks for us, we have decided to take this step. This makes it easier for companies to understand the IT price nebula and to plan the purchase of individual software solutions effectively. Here you can calculate the costs for your IT project with our fixed price calculator.