About Us

JIT has engaged in systems integration and efficient machine-machine and man-machine data exchange since 2005. We have grown in step with ever-increasing professionalization, standardization and automation of workflow management and business process management.

Heinz Schmölzer @ IC Projektentwicklung GmbH

Our Success

We like to use a sports analogy to explain our success:

Business is always a marathon, and sometimes a sprint. In every situation, you need to be faster, fitter, more agile and efficient than your competitors. JIT provides you with something akin to performance running shoes:

We deliver shoes that produce more power from every step – in other words, state-of-the-art software. At the best price, by the way, thanks to intelligently tailored license packages.

Then we add a shoehorn to get you started safely and easily: integration expertise.
Workshops. Pilot projects. Proof of concept. – As a JIT customer, you benefit from one and a half decades of experience in setting up projects and in the seamless, preferably minimally invasive embedding of solutions into existing system landscapes.

Finally, we manufacture shoe insoles in-house, custom-made to give you an extra competitive edge: our own software developments, e.g. the JIT Camunda 2 Celonis Connector, add value that makes a noticeable and measurable difference.

Our Products


Software Development

Our specialists for software development from all required areas work with highest responsibility agile, flexible and fast.

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Workflow Automation

Today´s success is just a confirmation of yesterday's decisions, and tomorrow's success will be the product of today´s smart improvements.

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JIT Process Mining provides you with the greatest possible transparency, using Celonis to analyze existing processes in real time.

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Robotic Process Automation

RPA provides you with tools to create your own individual software robots for automating any business process.

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